These are some other resources I have found useful. Mostly, they are websites that cover topics of interest that are not covered on this site or that go into more depth on certain topics I have mentioned.

If you run, or know of, a site that might be of interest to my readers, please feel free to let me know via my contact form. If it is a legitimate site (i.e. not 50% ads and not written by a 5 year old for whom English is a fourth or fifth language), I’ll be happy to include it on this page.


Lighting Resources

Gavita — The most famous indoor grow light brand. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re proven to work.

Grow Weed Easy — As the name might suggest, this site is focused on cannabis cultivation, but they do have tons of great advice on indoor grow lighting.


Gardening Resources

National Gardening Association — NGA promotes gardening by helping home gardeners succeed, growing in health, knowledge, environmental awareness, and enthusiasm.

Gardener’s Supply Company — Gardener’s Supply is in business to spread the joys and rewards of gardening, because gardening nourishes the body, elevates the spirit, builds community and makes the world a better place.

Martha Stewart Gardening — Everybody knows Martha Stewart and this is the gardening section of her website. As you might expect, it is full of great tips and ideas.

Let’s Go Gardening UK — The one stop gardening site for all your needs including Gardening & Wildlife News, Shopping, Information, Forum, Gallery & much more.

Fine Gardening — Plant guides and tons of ‘how to’ articles to help you with your garden.

BBC Gardening — The gardening page of It is no longer updated, but there’s still some good advice on the site.

Gardeners’ World — The online arm of the UK’s best-selling gardening magazine: BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.