Hgrope 75W LED Grow Light Review


If your hobby is gardening and you are currently tending indoor plants in your home, you will notice the wide availability of LED grow lights these days. There are plenty of manufacturers who have come up with their own line of LED lighting meant for growing indoor gardens, even though not a lot of people have started using them on their foliage. Then again, because of the larger options made available, it can be a chore deciding what product you want to buy.

Discovering good grow lights that are LED-based is not a simple task to undertake, but in order to help you get started, we are providing you with a review of Hgrope’s 75W LED Grow Light. This particular model is equipped with features that replicate both sunrise and sunset to provide an optimized, authentic environment to make your indoor plants grow properly.

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Grow Light Features

  • Has 75W intensely brilliant quality
  • Includes ABS plastic molding
  • Includes integrated drive powers
  • Includes 2 fans and grow light rope
  • Includes 77 640-660 nm wavelength red LED bulbs 47 420-460 nm wavelength blue LED bulbs, 77 560-595 nm wavelength orange LED bulbs and 24 6500K white LED bulbs
  • Ideal for greenhouses or basement gardens
  • Has dependable and friendly customer service
  • Includes 30-day money back guarantee and 2-year warranty


This LED light set from Hgrope includes a nice balance of the color spectrum and it is capable of covering 2’ x 2’ x 2’ locations from the top down. The model is not supposed to be that powerful but it worked sufficiently well in our case.

The color fraction of the product is 77 red, 77 orange, 47 blue and 25 white bulbs. The structure of the bulbs is decent in terms of quality and is designed from ABS plastic material. It has an overall weight of 3 pounds and has 225 surface mounted LED lights. It has a power rating of 75 watts as listed and for each LED light, it amounts to 1/3 watt for every bulb.

The definite power offered is 44 watts, but you have to reduce that to 40 watts due to the fans. Each and every LED light drags around .177 watts and if you put it in these terms, in case one of the fans malfunctions, this will lead to overheating LEDs. But thankfully, due to the presence of 2 fans (one exhaust and one intake) the set will still maintain its coolness in case one of the fans succumbs to excess heat.

The device is not dimmable, though. The blue LEDs are enumerated as 420 to 460 nm wavelengths but it appears that it’s only one wavelength while the orange ones are actually 610-620 nm and are pretty much beneficial to the growth of plants. Meanwhile, the white ones are lower than their supposed 6500k and are approximately 4500k in reality.

As a tip, starter seedlings must not be positioned within 18” of the light because the lights will be too bright for it. Seedlings will benefit more from the device and will not succumb to scorching if placed 2’ away. For developed plants, positioning the unit 6” up to 2’ away from them is quite suitable.


The LED lights are all connected together. The set does not have Zener diodes to join a malfunctioning LED light. In case of a malfunctioning LED grow light, this will eventually lead to all lights in the chain to stop functioning properly.


After 2 months we noticed the obvious dependence of our indoor plant development on the device. We may have to attribute it to the full spectrum features of this grow light. In addition, we meticulously checked the distance and positioning of the plants within the field of the LED grow light.

Gardeners should also take note of the kind of plants they want these grow lights to accommodate. That way, your plants will not be prone to drying out and stunted growth. This [easyazon_link identifier=”B018FLS7SW” locale=”US” tag=”HPD”]LED Grow Light from Hgrope[/easyazon_link] works surprisingly well for its price. Recommended for budget gardeners who want a working grow light for their indoor greenery.

November 16, 2016